30 - 31 May 2017
Hotel Palace Berlin

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Nacelle Engineering: Wind Energy Power Conversion Summit

For participants to:

  • Identify the highest reliability of gearbox and bearings to cut costs and reduce downtime
  • Find solutions for pure torque designs and get updated on the new designs for journal bearings
  • Discuss stable operations and proper risk management through validating testing procedures
  • Evaluate the best technologies for electrical systems considering onshore and offshore turbines and their nominal power
  • Improve control strategies to mitigate risks, manage incidents on time and at minimum costs


Assessing Innovative Uptower Repair Concepts

Dr Magdalena Kurkowska evaluates the uptower repair concepts, tools, and technologies developed to drastically reduce costs and downtime during maintenance and repair of wind turbines.

Download the article to find out which companies have made the biggest strides.

Interview with Niels Emsholm

E.ON's Technical Fleet Manager, Niels Emsholm, discusses lifting solutions, and uptower repair and maintenance strategies

Q&A with Ingeteam's Mikel Zabaleta

In the lead up to the Wind Energy Power Conversion Summit, IQPC sat down with speaker Mikel Zabaleta, the person in charge of design and development of the medium voltage converter product line for offshore wind power at Ingeteam. Learn about ensuring quality and reliability of converters by design through analysis of field data and failure anticipation, lessons learned from design and validation processes, and how specific component placements can lead to significantly lower cost of operation. Download the interview:

Key Component Roller Bearing - NSK Paper on Ensuring High Reliability

Klaus Sausele, Sector Manager Wind Energy at NSK discusses the latest trends and innovations in roller bearings to ensure the highest possible reliability and overall cost reduction and how to overcome the specific challenges in wind energy in this paper, originally published in German in 'Der Konstrukteur', Issue 9 September 2016.

Wind Turbine Drivetrain Concepts - Lifetime and Energy Yield Optimization

E.ON's Niels Emsholm presents on:

  • Challenges to life-cycle cost in mature markets
  • Life-time and energy yield optimization
  • Failure models and business case
  • New findings on component level
  • Challenges to life-cycle cost when market matures and changes due to more competitive markets

Wind Industry Challenged by Electrical Systems Failures

The wind industry is constantly challenged by the claims the technology is yet unproven, prone to failures and therefore unreliable. With over half of wind turbine malfunctions linked to electrical components, it is time for operators to focus on the roots of these problems.

Are there any ways to reduce the number of electrical systems breakdowns and associated repair costs? What are the most vulnerable components and how to protect them?

Download the article to find out more